Fine Print

When submitting your artwork, these guidelines are vital to ensure your graphics look the very best. Click here for a PDF version

  1. All logos must be in a vector format, saved in Adobe Illustrator or as an EPS file. Raster images will not be accepted - this includes .jpg, .png or .gif files copied directly from a web site.
  2. All text should be converted to outlines or with the fonts provided. P.C. fonts only. All fonts must be embedded.
  3. Photographic images should be 300 dpi at the final size in the layout in either JPG or TIF file format. Sorry, Internet images will not be used.
    • How an image is originally acquired will determine its resolution, and thus the size it can print at for clear and crisp printing.
    • Resolution and size (dimensions) are inversely proportional to each other. If you enlarge an image, you lower its resolution.
  4. You must provide either a printed proof or a PDF proof when submitting artwork. This allows us to check the files for the font, color problems, missing links and more.

:-) Thank you, perfect!

.ai - Adobe Illustrator
.eps - Encapsulated Post Script
.tiff or .tif (300 dpi at layout size)
.jpg (300 dpi at layout size)
.doc - Word Document - text only
.psd - Photoshop Document
.zip - Windows Compression Format

:-( Sorry, these will not work

.ind - In Design
.qxd - QuarkXpress
.ppt - PowerPoint
.art - AOL compressed image or clip art file
.gif - Graphic Interchange Format
.vsd - Visio Drawing File
.png - Portable Network Graphics

Hi Res - Okay

Low Res - Not Okay

Vector - Okay