Personal Service Always

The simple fact is no one else in the business can do what we do. Our human-centered approach and corporate agility result in customized, quick-to-market solutions for trade show organizers. We are committed to being responsive.

As a true partner The Expo Group extends your team to include professionals committed to excellence in their fields and capable of not only meeting your needs but exceeding your expectations; likewise your team has a plethora of tools to aid the planning process.

Audio Visual Solutions
Monitors, mixers, mics – you name it, we can supply it. Everything you need to provide your attendees with a fascinating AV experience that dovetails off your brand messaging.
Online Sponsorship Sales Tool
Present sponsors with all your marketing promotional opportunities in an information-rich online tool. It's cloud-based to encourage collaboration and essentially drive sponsorship revenues.
Cloud-Based Graphics Approval
We've developed a space online to work in concert with each other during the design phase and approvals for any of your structures, graphics, floorplans and environments. Click here to watch the video
Smart Creative
Our low ratio of shows to designers helps infuse our team with fresh perspectives and deep, detailed dives into your brand. Experience and expertise is shared across our unique team.
Time-Saving Exhibitor Management
Our Single Source® Solution means exhibitors turn to us with myriad questions, increasing the amount of time you can spend on higher payoff activities.
Attendee Marketing and Social Media Support
Across industries and sizes of shows, we have seen a multitude of initiatives and can provide support during strategy phases or tactical action. We believe social media enhances trade show and event experiences.
Patent-Protected Single Source® method
Our business method was born from the desire to be the premier service provider in the industry. You can come to us for anything.

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