2020 Kickoff and Employee Awards

2020 Kickoff and Employee Awards

March 3rd, 2020 0 Comments

We recently kicked off 2020 at The Expo Group and were excited to congratulate all of our 2019 Employee Award winners during meetings at each of our locations across the country. Watch our video below to learn more about each award and winner.

Rookie of the Year: Mark Gorman

Integrity Award: Taylor Poss

Compassion Award: Erika Muniz

Excellence Award: Todd Brannon

Amaze Award: Daniel Marshman

ICE Award: Mary Fifield

Higher Level Award: Pat Shipps

Connections Award: Rebecca Jones

RETHINK Award: Victor Garcia

COO Award: Drew Dempsey

CEO Award: Lloyd Van Meter

Servant Leader Award: Dianne Bailey

Globetrotter Award: Drew Dempsey

Top Gun, Exhibits: Al Herbold

Top Gun, Shows: Jason Miller

Top Gun, Events: Michael Preston

High Performer, Shows: Jeremiah Campbell

High Performer, Exhibits: Mark Gorman

High Performer, Field Ops: Shane Sexton

Sales Growth, Shows: Derek Lotfi

Sales Growth, Exhibits: Casey Dillon

General, Remarkable People