Annual Employee Awards for 2016

Annual Employee Awards for 2016

March 1st, 2017 0 Comments

Last month’s company-wide Kick Off meeting allowed us the opportunity to celebrate both department and individual successes over the past year.

Nominated by their peers and voted on by a select committee of past winners, these employees exemplify our company core values of integrity, compassion and excellence. 

Congratulations to the 2016 The Expo Group Award Honorees. 


   Integrity Award Honoree: Charles Langley

(Randy Pekowski, Charles Langley and Ray Pekowski)



Excellence Award Honoree: Donna McMillin

(Randy Pekowski, Donna McMillin and Ray Pekowski)


ICE Award Honoree: Robert Richardson     

(Randy Pekowski, Robert Richardson and Ray Pekowski)



Rethink Award Honoree: Mack Wintin

(Randy Pekowski, Mack Wintin and Ray Pekowski)



Rookie Of The Year Honoree:  Tina Lane

(Randy Pekowski, Tina Lane and Ray Pekowski)


Higher Level Award Honoree: Chris Maloney

(Randy Pekowski, Chris Maloney and Ray Pekowski)



Connections Award Honoree: Pat Hogan

(Ray Pekowski, Pat Hogan and Randy Pekowski)



Globetrotter Award Honoree: Jason Miller

(Ray Pekowski, Jason Miller and Randy Pekowski)




Custom Exhibits Top Gun Award Honoree: Al Herbold 

Accepting for Al are Minnie Robles and Mille Garcia

(Randy Pekowski, Minnie Robles, Millie Garcia and Ray Pekowski)



General Contracting Top Gun Award Honoree: Jason Miller

(Jason says this is a team effort so everybody posed for a pic with the award!)


Sales Growth Award Honoree: Brien Zamperetti  

(Randy Pekowski, Brien Zamperetti and Ray Pekowski)



COO Award Honorees: Corey Kelley  

(Randy Pekowski, Pia Saxena, Corey Kelley and Ray Pekowski)



CEO Award Honoree: Marliyn Ivy

(Randy Pekowski, Marilyn Ivy and Ray Pekowski)

And congratulations to Juan Perez, Chris Maloney and Terry Keenan on their 10 year anniversary at The Expo Group. 

(Randy Pekowski, Juan Perez, Chris Maloney, Terry Keenan and Ray Pekowski)

Not pictured: 
Compassion Award Honoree: Shawn Breunle

Congratulations again to all who were nominated! 

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