Annual Employee Awards

Annual Employee Awards

February 25th, 2016 0 Comments

Our recent companywide kickoff meeting allowed us the opportunity to celebrate employee successess over the past year.

Nominated by their peers and voted on by a select committee, each of these individuals exemplifed our company core values of integrity, compassion and excellence. 

Congratulations to our 2015 The Expo Group Award honorees.  

   Integrity Award Honoree: Vaughn Varney

(Ray Pekowski, Vaughn Varney and Randy Pekowski)



Compassion Award Honoree: Marilyn Ivy

(Ray Pekowski, Marilyn Ivy and Randy Pekowski) 



Excellence Award Honoree: Steven Aguilar

(Ray Pekowski, Steven Aguilar and Randy Pekowski)



ICE Award Honoree: Pete DeCicco     

(Ray Pekowski, Pete DeCicco and Randy Pekowski)



Rethink Award Honorees: Barbara Fett, Nicole O’Leary and Jeremiah Campbell

(Ray Pekowski, Barbara Fett, Nicole O’Leary and Jeremiah Campbell and Randy Pekowski)



Higher Level Award Honoree: Amir Farajzadeh

  (Ray Pekowski, Amir Farajzadeh and Randy Pekowski)



Connections Award Honoree: Ginny Hiatt

(Ray Pekowski, Ginny Hiatt and Randy Pekowski)



Globetrotter Award Honoree: Pete DeCicco

(Ray Pekowski, Pete DeCicco and Randy Pekowski)



Custom Exhibits Top Gun Award Honoree: Aaron Deckert

(Ray Pekowski, Aaron Deckert and Randy Pekowski)



General Contracting Top Gun Award Honoree: Jason Miller

(Ray Pekowski, Jason Miller and Randy Pekowski)



COO Award Honorees: Pia Saxena and Amanda Ewing  

(Ray Pekowski, Pia Saxena, Amanda Ewing and Randy Pekowski)



CEO Award Honoree: Vanessa Martinez

(Ray Pekowski, Vanessa Martinez and Randy Pekowski)



Rookie Of The Year Award Honoree: Stephen Rios

(Randy Pekowski and Stephen Rios)

Remarkable People