Loving What We Do – Awe Edition

Loving What We Do – Awe Edition

February 28th, 2021 0 Comments

We love trade shows. We love events. Most of all we love helping people come together to connect, learn, conduct business, get inspired and have some fun.

We know that humans are wired for wonder. And by embracing the awe around us, we can transform ourselves and help move audiences from a transactional mindset to a transformational one.

We asked our team to share their personal awe experiences and how they were transformed:

When my 2 sons were younger, I took them on a road trip to see baseball games in Yankee Stadium (the original one) and Fenway Park.  Seeing the awe on their faces created a new family tradition- now my wife and daughter included- we have all been to 15 of the 30 major league ballparks and hopefully will soon be back on the road visiting the rest.  Great family memories experiencing new palaces, debating their merits, enjoying each other’s company…and of course trying the different local ballpark cuisine.

-Michael Preston, EVP, National Accounts, Level5 Events by The Expo Group


I recently help put together boxes at the North Texas Food Bank for Thanksgiving and the experience created an Awe moment in seeing how special people are in their desire to help in times of need.  And, as food was handed out and you see people from all walks of life being impacted by the pandemic, it made me pause and take note that we are vulnerable and need to appreciate and embrace each moment.

– Toby Purdy, CSO, The Expo Group


The day my son was born is the epitome of AWE and transformation for me personally.  At the time, little did I realize this was only the beginning of a life filled with constant transformation.  A life that required me to approach each day seeking the opportunity to serve others.  I mean, this was the end of napping whenever I wanted.  See what I mean?  That’s tough stuff! 🙂
The next that comes to mind was a cold, dreary, February day in Chicago, determined that winter could not win. (This is a b-i-g deal for someone who was born and grew up in the tropics until that moment.) I accompanied a fellow volunteer from my church to visit with and serve the homeless under a bridge downtown Chicago.  I experienced people who were allowed to come through and take as much time as they needed and as much of any item they needed.  I saw people take only what they needed and took more time talking with the volunteers.  That day I learned our time is the most valuable gift we can offer and it’s a gift that keeps giving.  We never know how impactful we can be on others when we lead with intentionality and purpose.  As much as I’d like to say that was a one-time occurrence, I found myself going back month after month looking forward to the learning moments I’d walk away with.  The best part was seeing recipients eager to share about their progress since we last saw each other.  It was life-changing to know that I, a single person made a difference to somebody who was making a difference to somebody and so on. . . .

– Yvette Charoo, VP, Exhibitor Experience, The Expo Group


Well, there are the “typical” nature awe moments like seeing the Grand Canyon or sitting on a ledge overlooking Mt. Haleakala on Maui and being enveloped in clouds (Resist the urge to stand up!). There are also the more subtle spine-tingling occasions that can happen at events: when guests ooh and ahh at fireworks you’ve made happen or when the crowd spontaneously links arms and starts to sing the alma mater. Being a part of those collective moments definitely adds a spring in your step and maybe a little mist in your eyes. Doing really good work for really good people is always awe-inducing.

– JoAnne Peroutka, VP, Strategic Services, The Expo Group

Do you have an awe experience you would like to share?  Let us know in the comments and tell us how you were transformed.

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