Boost Registration for Transformable Experience

Boost Registration for Transformable Experience

October 4th, 2019 0 Comments


How do you best use technology and media to alert a pool of potential attendees about the innovative ideas at your show?  That was the challenge facing the organizers of METALCON, who enlisted the help of The Expo Group and our ShowOptimizer tool to boost marketing of “The Total Experience.”


The Expo Group’s ShowOptimizer initiative allowed METALCON to secure coinvestment funding and use it to boost marketing of The Total Experience. METALCON and The Expo Group partnered on a series of videos, sharing the cost of producing and distributing them over social media channels that made the industry aware of the enhanced features of the event.

“With the video, it’s all about people. When you see people in action it gives you the desire to participate yourself. This was a great idea and I wouldn’t have made a move like this without the help of The Expo Group.” – Claire Kilcoyne, Vice President, Trade Shows, PSMJ Resources.


Campaign results included more than 22,000 email opens and over 400 views on Facebook alone with increased registration revenue.  To learn more, be sure and download the full case study available here. 

BONUS!  Check out one of the promo videos from the case study below!

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