Booth Interaction Design

Booth Interaction Design

April 6th, 2018 0 Comments

by Ken Dec

Powerfully Combining Story with Structure

Exhibitors often think structure first, “I need a counter, a seating area, some storage,” etc., when driving the best ROI requires thinking about Story first, then Structure.

And when thinking about Story, that can differ based on the audience. Know who you want to attract, their challenges and pain points, to know what Story to tell. Once you know that, decisions about Structure are more clear.

When designing a booth for optimal ROI it’s important to think about Story and Structure:

Story – Align in-booth content with visitor funnel stage. Make sure you have content that “meets” visitors where they are in the solution searching stage.

Structure – This should be ‘scenario-based’. Design the booth to best enable the most productive conversations with visitors in different numbers.

Story First – Booth Design for Funnel Stage

As you are developing content for the booth, remember that its likely you’ll have visitors at different stages of their search:

  •  Top-of-funnel – They are just beginning their search for a solution to the problem you solve and collecting information.
  •  Mid-funnel – There is a commitment to solve their problem and are actively engaged in finding a solution and solution provider.
  •  Bottom-of-funnel – They are ready to choose a solution provider.

This means that you have to be prepared with different content types for prospects at each stage:

  • Go Broad – Those at the top of the funnel are seeking category-level information – bigger, broader, more educational content – so make sure you can provide these visitors with that level of content.
  • Compare and Contrast – Those mid-funnel are beginning to compare and contrast solutions from multiple solution providers – so be certain to provide them the tools you want them to have that favorably compares and contrasts your solution with others they may be evaluating.
  • Closing Content – At the bottom of the funnel you are getting closer to terms and conditions – make sure you have ‘closing content’ to get the deal done!

Scenario setting – Booth design for audience interaction type

When designing a booth remember to include structural settings that enable multiple interaction types:

  •  1:1
  •  1:few (3-5)
  •  1: many

Combine the two for the most effective experience design

The most effective experience, the one that will drive optimal results in your booth is when you combine Story and Structure – when you align engagement types and content, like this:



Enable 1:1  Private conversations with as private a setting as your space and budget allows Content specific to the individual prospects/customers’ needs and structuring of a potential transaction
Enable 1: few  Audience interactions via semi-private conversations at kiosks, touchscreens or tablets More granular content that moves suspects and prospects to qualified opportunities
Enable 1: many  Presentations of overview content in open areas (this can also be used to attract traffic) General introductory overview information of features/benefits


Story + Structure = Success

To maximize booth ROI, think Story first, then Structure, making sure to combine the two for the optimal visitor experience and the best results for your brand.

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