Creative Boost

Creative Boost

July 1st, 2014 0 Comments

Sometimes creativity gets religion-like status, says Professor and Author David Burkus, because it seems so sacred and mysterious.

Guess what? It’s not.

In a heavily-attended session at Event Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City last month, event and exhibit marketing professionals heard from Burkus how to separate the myths of creativity from the actual truth as he encouraged us all to take creativity off that sacred pedestal and trust on the creative process.

Here are the myths:

Eureka Myth – Truth: Creation is in incubation and tipped to actuality by an insight or revelation, then must elaborate and evaluate.

Breed Myth – Truth: It’s really a learned skill, comes from nurture not born with it.

Originality Myth – Truth: Great ideas are not always new because anyone can create a new combination of ideas.

Incentive Myth – Truth: Creativity is best born in environments of trust and autonomy. The if-then reward schematic is not effective for encouraging creativity, as expounded upon in in Daniel Pink’s Drive.

Brainstorming Myth – Truth: More to the process than sitting around throwing out ideas. Make everything a prototype, capture feedback and refine.

Expert Myth – Most often, groundbreaking ideas come from the outside because experts throw up barriers based on their knowledge rather than having an open mind.

Be the person who says “My Brain is Open.”

That’s what hundreds of event professionals were doing at Event Marketing Summit, and what our team craves as we strive to innovate new solutions for you!

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