Customized Creativity

Customized Creativity

June 4th, 2013 0 Comments

Creativity is essential in the events industry. Finding new ways to grab people’s attention can make or break your product launch, your exhibit traffic, or even your whole show.  That’s why The Expo Group takes pride in hiring creative people with all kinds of different backgrounds to help our clients reach their marketing goals in a variety of ways.

Interactive Marketing Manager Todd Carruth has a background in broadcast video on both the production and the talent side and has used that experience to help bring The Expo Group’s email marketing to a whole new level.

“Video really helps entice the target audience to go ahead and click that image and give you a chance to entertain, inform and hopefully persuade them to find out more,” says Todd.

Videos have been the driving force behind some very successful marketing campaigns for the Custom Exhibits division of PACK EXPO Services.  Previous years have included interviews with designers explaining a thought process, salespeople providing hints on saving money, and even project managers giving their top five exhibiting tips. But this year’s campaign tells a story of a fictional exhibitor named Mike whose exhibit has grown a little “creaky” over the past three years. Mike wonders if there’s a company that could address all his needs and make his life easier.  Of course, there is … PACK EXPO Services powered by The Expo Group  will provide Mike with the VIP attention he deserves.

Now the creative twist in this video is that the entire story is illustrated on a white board by The Expo Group’s Graphic Design Director Alan Sartain and narrated by Todd.  Even though Alan can draw pretty fast in real life, what you see in the video is 1,000 times faster to create a perfect synch between spoken word and action on the screen.  Response has been outstanding, and you can watch to determine for yourself by watching the video above.

Meet ME

Another fun creative project our team recently tackled is for PSMJ Resources, a show producer looking for a unique way to revitalize social media efforts for the 23rd METALCON International. PSMJ Resources turned to their all-time favorite general services contractor The Expo Group for creative help in discovering ME, a cheerfully resilient character that will help create awareness of the show in electronic and print media as well as in person.


Members of the METALCON community are encouraged to download a version of ME to cut out, then upload pics of their metal companion at various functions, on vacation, or just having fun to the METALCON Facebook Page.  The Expo Group’s Creative Director Nicole O’Leary led the development of the marketing icon.


“I wanted to create a character that could help spread the METALCON message in a fun way,” says Nicole. “I look forward to hearing about ME’s adventures as he heads towards the show in Atlanta.”


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