Designing For Many Generations

Designing For Many Generations

January 4th, 2018 0 Comments

With four generations of professionals coming together, event professionals must learn how to craft meetings, events and trade shows to meet the expanded range of expectations. Millennials and Gen Z professionals soon will represent the majority of the work force, and they have much higher expectations for experiences overall than preceding generations.

Designing the learning experiences and the locations in which we bring people together must now start with studying the habits of Gen Z and Millennials. For these younger professionals, community spaces are extensions of their homes. Think Starbucks, the condo pool, the fun break room with the beer fridge depicted at tech startup companies. Alternative creative spaces is where this group prefers to work – they are working in extreme comfort, on their own timelines and increasingly remotely.

But what happens when they arrive at the annual convention or a corporate event? Our team of strategic designers is looking at the three pillars of how people are learning, connecting and experiencing — and doing so with technology weaved throughout.

  • • Learning – Tighten the experience by pulling activities closer together to be more centrally located – your ecosystem of attendees, exhibitors and sponsors
  • • Connecting – Design spaces with multiple casual interactions, editing so spaces feel welcoming and not a billboard – younger generations trust people not commercials.
  • • Experience – The lines are blurring between trade show, corporate event and live experiences – capitalize on the festivalization trend

You have the opportunity to learn more about these concepts in two ways this month: 

  1. PCMA session
  2.  Free Webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 12 pm CST.  

We hope you’ll join us for either of these learning opportunities and look forward to helping you reach every generation at your event. 

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