Elevating Events With Pop-up Principles

Elevating Events With Pop-up Principles

January 4th, 2019 0 Comments

Pop-up bars and retail shops are driving brand recognition, sales and buzz across America. In Washington DC particularly, the Drink Company has established itself as a successful creator of experiences that can’t be missed.

For IAEE Expo!Expo!, our VP, Communications & Public Relations Dana Freker Doody presented a learning session with Drink Company CEO Angie Fetherston and Special Projects Director Matt Fox to inspire the membership to elevate their event using some of their same principles. Tenets that drive success for Drink Company that can be applied across events and trade shows:

High Production Value
Deliver an immersive experience with attention to details like temperature and music.
Set a high personal service level with personnel who get invested.

Harness Team Passion
Trust your intuition as a leader and people will respond to it.
Give people room to run their own imaginations after proof of concept is tested.

Encourage Community Passion
Create a corps of volunteers and fans, groomed and rewarded.
Include a charitable component and reinforce positivity.

Control Financial Risk
Repurpose tangible and intellectual assets.
Try and test continually with measurement of data.

Keep Brand Integrity
Deliver an actual quality product that is good at the core, not just flashy cool stuff.
Pull overall mission into each iteration and continue to build trust.

The best way to learn more about Drink Company’s latest popup experience is to go to popupbardc.com/events visit and them on Instagram @drinkcompany.

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