Employee Spotlight December 2020

Employee Spotlight December 2020

December 7th, 2020 0 Comments
picture of April Hurley

April Hurley

We round out 2020 by shining the employee spotlight on our VP, Strategic Sales April Hurley.

Celebrating over 25 years with the company, April says she can hardly remember a time before The Expo Group. Her previous experience did have an event tie-in, though, as she managed couture showrooms at the Dallas Apparel Mart.

Growing up in a military family, April caught the travel bug early and continues to enjoy exploring new lands and meeting new people around the world.  A graduate of Texas Tech University, this Red Raider says 2020 has helped redirect her interests and she’s been developing her cooking skills. That should be useful as she discovers new ways to prepare the rewards of her favorite pastime: fishing. “There is nothing more relaxing than standing on the bank or in a boat and casting out a line, hoping for a bite. Catching fish is the bonus.”

Like all of us, April is eager to get back to face-to-face events and building those unique team bonds that form while working onsite. This self-proclaimed perfectionist especially loves creating engaging 3D spaces that “fit together like pieces of a puzzle to ultimately become an amazing visual representation of the customer.” April’s expertise and knowledge are recognized throughout the live events industry; she currently serves on the boards of both EDPA and EACA.

Her advice for clientele? Honesty helps advance your cause.   “After 25 years I can say that success comes when you have mutual trust between customers and vendors.  Be transparent with your goals, help each other achieve them, and everyone wins.”

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