Employee Spotlight November 2020

Employee Spotlight November 2020

November 4th, 2020 0 Comments

Our spotlight is shining this month on VP, Exhibitor Experience Yvette Charoo. Yvette is passionate about helping others be their best while creating memorable experiences and trusted partnerships.  She joined The Expo Group in 2018 to help us make life easier for trade show organizers, corporate event planners, marketers and exhibitors.

Yvette Charoo

“I love, love, LOVE the people I get to spend time with in my work as we learn and grow together,” Yvette says. “My inspiration comes from witnessing personal growth.  An example is walking alongside a colleague or client on their journey to overcome an obstacle or make an achievement they once felt was unattainable – all while touching the lives of others.  The Expo Group allows me the opportunity to pursue this passion day in and out. How fortunate am I?”

Yvette, who loves to travel and to cook, mixes those two by exploring different cultures and authentic cuisines as she goes. “Street food over fancy restaurants all day!” and “Spontaneity is more fun than recipes and itineraries!” are two mottos that rule her adventures. Yvette was born and grew up in Jamaica. You may be shocked to learn her childhood home did not even have a telephone. She then went on to Barry University in Miami Beach, Florida to study Hospitality Management and now has years of experience in trade show services.

For clients, this brightly shining colleague has a call to action: “No matter the challenge or, as I see it, the opportunity at hand, remember we are not alone. Consider this a time to lean into our network, call on our trusted partners to collaborate and push through to our purpose toward the positive impact that awaits on the other side.  2020 gifted us a season of pause, whether we wanted it or not.  This is our opportunity to Refocus, Reinvent & Reconnect personally and professionally.

“As you and I plan for getting back to normal, embrace this season of intentional pause to envision and strategize a future that is purposeful and impactful.  Explore and define the ‘whys.’  We have no choice but to be crystal clear about our whys because our purpose is where we get to focus on our desired positive impact. We are better together and, without a doubt we all play an important role in helping to bring back face-to-face meetings that are better than ever. How may I serve you today?”

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