From determining objectives and goal-setting to bad booth behavior and trade show terms, this webinar (now available on demand) from The Expo Group's Todd Carruth and Dana Freker Doody will provide details on exhibitor education and how show organizers can help them have a successful show. 



Also available for download: Exhibiting 101: What Your Exhibitors Need to Know Information Sheet. 

binary-1327493 640Personal branding is a popular topic, yet few seem to understand what it is or the benefits it offers. At the recent TSNN Awards in Louisville, Kentucky, personal and business branding expert Carrie Lannon shared her insights to help individuals and businesses determine their optimal brand identity to attract the opportunities that they desire.

“I find that clients are often so close to their own work that they need an outside perspective to determine if their branding, which includes messaging and image, are working to their best advantage,” says Carrie.  “This is especially true of any

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Image courtesy of the Cobo Center

One of the most striking things about the announcement from Detroit Auto Dealers Association, which organizes the big North American International Auto Show, was the conceptual video presentation shared with all their stakeholders upon announcing an entirely new experience for 2020.

The association considered not just how to make small evolutionary changes to capture an increasingly fragmented audience, but announced a revolutionary change in the experience including new dates, places and activations that make up the Detroit Auto Show. They are

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Carrie Lannon

newpodcastlogo (Custom)Welcome to the October 2018 edition of the Exposure Podcast from The Expo Group produced and hosted by Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth. 

This month our hosts Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth visit with strategist, consultant and public speaker Carrie Lannon on the importance of personal branding. The interview starts at the 10 minute mark. We also share info on a great session from our VP of Creative Nicole O'Leary about multi-generational design, some notes from the recent CEIR Predict conference and Corey Kelley explains the future of blockchain.  Look for a webinar

by Dana Freker Doody VP Communications and Public Relations

Is your frame too small? Consider the borders placed around your event that may no longer serve your stakeholders. Art lovers, imagine a frame so small you see only Mona Lisa’s eyes but not her smile. She would no longer be hanging in the Louvre. Been on Facebook lately? That wide cover photo frame with minimal height that forces you to choose which segment of your photo to display is so annoying.

Your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, press, members -- and perhaps more importantly your non-attendees and non-exhibitors—may feel the


New Perspective Series of Rental Exhibits Illuminates Need for Purpose-Driven Exhibiting

Custom Rentals Rising as Exhibitors Focus on Core Objectives

Irving, Texas – Sept. 5, 2018 – The Expo Group, an exhibitions and events partner that invests in growth, is delivering purposefully designed rental exhibits to exhibitors capitalizing on face-to-face marketing to realize big returns. More exhibitors are considering custom rentals, according to Exhibitor Online, as smart brand managers clarify event goals and how their structures support their objectives.

Paying close attention to trends in

Ken Dec

newpodcastlogo (Custom)Welcome to the September 2018 edition of the Exposure Podcast from The Expo Group produced and hosted by Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth. 

This month, we talk with our own EVP of Marketing and Client Strategies Ken Dec about the strategy behind creating a successful exhibit, the structure itself and how great looking rentals like our new Perspective Series can be good for trade show organizers.   Dana shares some tips on Cause Positioning and we say goodbye to The Expo Group's very first employee! 

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It's time to go back to school, back to work and back to celebrating even more employee birthdays and anniversaries this month!


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Congratulations to The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Recipients for 2018!

Special thanks to CNTV and TSNN for the video recap.  (Click READ MORE if you don't see the video.) 

by Ken Dec, EVP of Marketing and Client Strategies at The Expo Group

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Forbes recently published a terrific article entitled 3 Reasons Why CMO's Should Embrace Experiential Marketing

Lots of areas for agreement. But I think it could have gone a little deeper.

When I get asked the 'Why Experiential?' question, here's my 'Rule of Three' answer:

The Power of DOING something- There is a great Chinese quote (often misattributed to Confucius) "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand" that social scientists have discovered to be true. Both emotional and logical memory

Amanda Helgemoe

newpodcastlogo (Custom)Welcome to the August 2018 edition of the Exposure Podcast from The Expo Group produced and hosted by Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth. 

This month, we visit with Amanda Helgemoe from Nuvista Event Management Services and talk about the Exhibitor Advocacy group and how proactive customer service with your exhibitors can help enable show growth.  We also get some handy tips from Broadway, IAVM and look forward to the TSNN Awards in Louisville where we hand out The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Awards..

Thanks for listening! 

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Even the most stubborn exhibitors - the ones who refuse to think about the exhibit booth until the show is a month or so out - are likely to gaze out at the exhibit hall at least once or twice and suddenly discover things around them are changing, and they’re not part of the change.

What’s an exhibitor who knows they need to move their exhibit program into the 21st century to do?

Here are five questions they can ask themselves:

What’s the story you have to tell?

Not where is the best place to display new product in order to get more foot traffic or where should the reception desk go? It


Managing an exhibit portfolio is complex: from consistent delivery of your brand and brand experience to different audiences across different exhibit sizes and locations, to cost-effectively managing the shipping and logistics of moving exhibits from show-to-show, to timely exhibit refurbishment, repair and replacement. There are LOTS of moving parts and getting it right is crucial to proving the ROI of your brand’s exhibit investments.

This webinar will provide you with helpful ways to make sure your exhibit portfolio and program is both effective AND efficient.

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Four Industry Professionals To Be Honored with The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Award

Irving, Texas – June 28, 2018 – The Expo Group, an exhibitions and events partner that invests in growth, has announced The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year (SMOTY) Awards for 2018. Honorees were nominated by their peers, voted upon by an independent industry judging panel and will be celebrated on Aug. 11 at the TSNN Awards.

“These are top-notch professionals advancing the objectives of not just their organizations but also their trade show community’s attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and partners