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Level5 helps clients engage their most important audiences in new and unique ways keying on these six guideposts:


Keying on emotion, not just argument but also story. Data isn’t enough. The essence of persuasion, communication and engagement demands a compelling narrative.


Not just accumulation but also meaning. Access to more and more material goods has given people greater means to pursue more significant desires: purpose, transcendence, and spiritual fulfillment.


Not just logic. We must understand and feel for others, forge greater relationships and connect on a deeper level in business and in life.


Not just function, but beauty and emotional engagement. Design is a critical component to any solution we create. “Design Thinking” is a new area of study and more and more brands are re-focusing their efforts on design.


A sense of fun and games. Playfulness makes anything more engaging and more emotional.


Not just focus but also symphony. Seeing the big picture, crossing boundaries, and being able to combine pieces into something wholly new.

Higher Ed Events

Level5 works with the stakeholders at your educational institution to truly determine the ideas that will inspire your alumni, engage your community and motivate your donors. We partner with university resources to select appropriate student, faculty, and alumni participants as well as civic leader participation. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your budget allocation and deliver an unforgettable attendee experience.

Corporate Events

Your corporate event is a reflection of the heart and soul of your brand. Level5 helps you make that emotional connection that can inspire, excite, educate and motivate your audience. We delve deep into the psychology of the experience to determine when to soothe and when to shake things up so that people remember and connect.


As part of The Expo Group, we’ve been desiging, developing, implementing and managing unique, compelling, memorable, and measurable events for associations for over 25 years. Our commitment is to deliver an experience that connects your brand with your attendees with high-impact audience engagement solutions.

“You not only set the standard for campaign launches, but you changed the entire perspective on what an event should look like and how to capture storytelling in everything we do. Congratulations on a job excellently done!”

K. Alexander Schmidt
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campaigns and Strategic Engagement
University of Illinois

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