From sales meetings to user conferences, leadership events and more, we create engaging experiences that forge an emotional connection between your brand and your associates.

Level5 specializes in providing cross-generational appeal and innovative technology support for corporations in areas of:  :

  • Sales Meetings
  • Annual Franchisee Meetings
  • Distributor Meetings 
  • Leadership Conferences
  • New Product Launches
  • User Conferences


Our goal is to get beyond the corporate-speak and dig deep to find out what will make a lasting emotional connection with your audience.


With a strategic plan in place, we grab the details and lock in a full-blown creative platform that makes you feel like you are there.


With years of experience in pulling together the right crew with the right gear, we help you deliver an unforgettable event on time, on budget and without drama.

Ignite the pride

Each year, Stream’s Ignition event brings together the company’s best and brightest to educate, motivate and celebrate.  As part of The Expo Group’s single source proposition, LEVEL5 delivered high impact audience engagement solutions to connect with Stream’s associates and showcase the brand.


  • Create an immersive experience that highlights speakers along with the brand and creates energy
  • Provide a new level of personal experience during the main keynote
  • Accommodate associate demand for more brand products
  • Update the final night into a unique experience


  • Created a unique lighted 25 foot circular stage featuring the Stream logo along with a 60 foot wide screen IMAG that enhanced each speaker’s presentation
  • Introduced X-Stream CAM that focused on individual associates framed with fun tags and provided a live twitter wall in between speakers
  • The expanded Stream Bookstore became the hub on the show floor as demand for more branded apparel and products became apparent leading up to the event
  • Party night became “Stream in Wonderland”  — a nod to the magical place where anything can happen as associates paid tribute to the treasured children’s tale and made the night truly one to remember

“The official plaudit will be coming but personally I just wanted to say that you exceeded all expectations.  All I am hearing is the creative, production, staging, graphics, videos and Exchange were so fantastic.  I know you did much much more of course but thanks- these are the things people really notice”

Alison B.,
Director, Events

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