Origins of Level5

To date there have been four levels of human economic evolution.
Level5 helps take forward thinking organizations into the latest, 5th level.
  • Level 1: Foragers

    Early humans foraged and hunted for survival.

  • Level 2: Agrarian

    As we advanced as a species, we learned to farm and agriculture was the chief economic driver for centuries.

  • Level 3: Industrial

    With the advent of manufacturing technology, industry became the primary force for economic growth across the globe.

  • Level 4: Information

    About 1950, computer technology emerged ushering in the “information age” where information technology and “knowledge work” were the leading economic powers.

Level 5 Imagination:

We are presently in the twilight of the information age, facing a convergence of powerful new forces. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be more and more pervasive, radically transforming our economies. As such, “right brain” high-concept and high-touch abilities such as imagination, meaning, empathy and story will be the primary economic influences of the future. In short, the more “human” attributes will be the new keys to success.