Our show sales, planning and management technologies delivers a superior experience to event planners and attendees alike, providing an unparalleled set of tools to make planning and executing your show effective and efficient.


Show technology is exploding.​ But how do you decide which are the right investments to make for your event or exhibit?​ We’ll help you figure that out , working with you to align your event/exhibit goals and objectives, we’ll make recommendations specific to your needs – not ones we own, but what is right for you – and we’ll help you make it affordable.​ We’re constantly evaluating the burgeoning event tech space to evaluate technology solutions in:
  • Registration​
  • Visitor Management​
  • Show Management​
  • Show Marketing​
  • Show Attendance​
  • Show Monetization​
  • Hybrid Show / Virtual Show Technology​
  • Video & Web Casting / Streaming​
  • Audio Visual Technology​
  • Participation, Engagement & Interaction Technologies​
  • Location-based technology​
  • Projection Mapping​
  • Gamification​
  • Show Analytics, Data-Collection & Insight​
  • Social Media​


Continuously-improving experiences is the goal – so we’ll capture and analyze visitor data to recommend how to best engage your audiences.​
How many visits across the show did attendees complete and to what area of the show?​ 

What areas were “hot and cold”?​ 

What times of day saw most activity?​ 

What areas had great dwell times and which ones not so much? 

How did sponsors and exhibitors fare?​ 
We’ll make sure you are asking all the right measurement questions up front so we can help you choose the best analytic tools for capturing and analyzing show data to make sure that your events are improving all the time.


We will manage every aspect of your event, from producing your general sessions to organizing your breakout rooms to making your speakers and VIPs comfortable – it’s all aimed at optimizing the attendee experience​
  • Audio/Video/Lighting for General Sessions and Breakouts
  • Widescreen and Multi-Screen HD Projection
  • On-Demand (Webcasting)
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Production
  • Show Calling
  • Technical Direction

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