Event Drives Business Strategies

Event Drives Business Strategies

February 4th, 2015 0 Comments

In producing our annual employee event, The Expo Group team showcased an array of new technology and client solutions along with techniques for team-building and operational excellence. As the company steadily grows, Kickoff Week continues to provide an opportunity for education, training, recognition and fun.

Be Connected

The week started with specialized training for project teams on everything from business development to scheduling to leadership led by Frank Stasiowski of PSMJ Resources. Project Manager Jeremiah Campbell said the lessons about understanding personalities will help him connect with colleagues and clients.

“It was a great reminder on how to best approach clients and pair up our team members based on four major personality traits,” Jeremiah said. “No matter the personality, the goal is to have a positive connection and create a level of trust.”

Be Informed

Executing on the company’s goals and achieving key benchmarks led to an outstanding year, and the executive team geared up everyone for a repeat of that success in 2015. President & CEO Ray Pekowski and Vice President & COO Randy Pekowski set the tone at the opening session, followed like many of the client conferences we serve with breakout sessions on specific topics like marketing, 5S principles, technology, design and personal goal setting.

Be Empowered

Gamification is a valuable tool in any event planner’s toolbox, and our meetings were enriched with some active competition. Nine-ball, ping-pong, and whirlyball tournaments moved at a quick pace during our companywide evening reception, designed to maximize the team’s time together at headquarters. Randomly assigned pairs encouraged quick thinking among the new duos, hashing out strategies before the next ball dropped.

Be Inspired

With a constant focus on Integrity, Compassion and Excellence, the closing festivities Thursday morning opened with an activity designed to help employees get to know each other personally, as our rich service history proves focusing on personal emotional connections helps drive business results.

Tony Lorenz of BOB.tv was invited to address the team about the industry’s future and The Expo Group’s unique advantageous position in the marketplace.  Questions peppered at Tony created discussion about the importance of the company’s size and agility in serving the association’s ready to drive their own constituencies toward future success.


The Expo Group Employee Awards brought an emotional close to the week, as 25-year Drapery Department Supervisor Marilu Muniz reflected on her tenure and the colleagues she has grown to love.

In all, 18 honorees were rewarded with trophies representing the appreciation of the company for their outstanding work in 2014.  

See the winners here

“If the goal of Kickoff Week was to generate excitement and spread knowledge about the coming year, that goal was exceeded early,” says Interactive Marketing Manager Todd Carruth. “It’s great that we can create the kind of environment for our own staff that serves as an example for our clients on how RETHINKing activities, events and décor can help a company achieve its strategic objectives.”

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