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Fueled by imagination, innovation and integrity, Level5 Events by The Expo Group creates strategic experiences to engage and transform audiences.

Level5 Events by The Expo Group


Level5 Events by The Expo Group has been designing, directing and producing compelling events since the Paleolithic period. No seriously, we love what we do and have been doing it for a long time. It shows in our work.

From serving top colleges and universities across the country to some of the biggest brands in business, Level5 has enjoyed remarkable partnerships with diverse organizations.

Our passion is translating information into meaningful experiences that energize, engage, connect and activate audiences.

We’d love to work with you.

What We Do

Expert in both in-person and virtual productions, Level5 Events helps forward-thinking institutions activate their communities in ways that heighten connections and move people to action.


•  Educate – Finding the most effective and intentional ways to inform and inspire.


•  Celebrate – Shining a light on your best and brightest people and accomplishments.


•  Elevate – Ensuring that how you tell your story is as distinctive and powerful as possible.


Click to open these one-page recaps of our impact on these communities.

The George Washington University

The George Washington University

The Centuries Celebration Weekend was the largest one-time, in-person event on The George Washington University campus.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama

The first public campaign launch in fifteen years, Alabama’s Rising Tide event used an untraditional approach which delighted the audience and kicked off campaign momentum.

Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College

Inaugurating their new President and launching their Boundless campaign on the same weekend, Muhlenberg College set out to create an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech

Level5 Events designed and produced the Boundless Impact campaign launch and captured the spirit of Virginia Tech’s legacy and military DNA with a detailed insight into their future.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins

The goal of this evening was to immerse the 600 VIP guests in gratitude for their philanthropic vision and service, while highlighting the global reach of a campaign that raised over $6 billion.

Auburn University

Auburn University

A-Day Weekend provided a wonderful opportunity to share the launch of the university’s first billion-dollar campaign with the entire Auburn Family. Click below to learn more about this perfect blend of classic black-tie elegance and captivating surprises..

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

Level5 Events worked with the University for Kentucky from strategy through design and delivered the capital campaign launch event for “Kentucky Can – The 21st Century Campaign for UK. ” Click below to learn more.

U. S. Naval Academy

U.S. Naval Academy

Our team collaborated with USNA Foundation and Alumni Association partners to produce launch events that highlighted the impact of private philanthropy and its role in ensuring the safety of the nation and the world.


“Level5 has helped us deliver programs in truly powerful and authentic ways.
From multiple in-person campaign events to a virtual Presidential Announcement, we hear over and over that the impact of our events, the clarity of our content and the professionalism of our delivery has risen to an entirely new level.”

- Grinnell College -

“Level5 Has been an absolute pleasure to work with. When we first started this relationship, I don’t think we had a full appreciation for everything that they bring to the table. It’s not until you walk into the arena and see the scope and scale that you really appreciate how it comes together.”

– The University of Alabama –

“Can’t begin to thank you all for making it HAPPEN!
Thank YOU does NOT begin to capture it, but it’ll have to do. No words! Wow!

– University of Washington –

“This is absolutely one of the most amazing productions I have ever seen for a university. Wow.”

– University of Kentucky –

“From the initial conversation all the way through the actual kickoff, our experience with Level5 was Level 6!
When we say Go Gators, Go Greater, Level5 helped us Go Greater.”

– University of Florida –

“You not only set the standard for campaign launches, but you changed the entire perspective
on what an event should look like and how to capture storytelling in everything we do.”

– University of Illinois –

“Thanks to each of you for rallying together to create and implement an awesome Bicentennial Opening Ceremony event. I am receiving so many texts and emails thanking all of us and saying how impressed they were… it was all because our amazing teams came together and pulled this off. We could not do this without Level5. You guys have taken us every step of the way. You’ve made sure we thought about every detail, making everything we do so much better.”

– The George Washington University –

“I remember the first wow when we saw the first ideas and design for the weekend. To see it now in the space looking so much like that first wow design has been so rewarding for our team.”

– Muhlenberg College –

“From the load in to today it’s just absolutely amazing.
The confidence, the professionalism, hearing the schedule, the lack of problems
— it’s unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

– Virginia Tech –


3 Tips for Creating Immersive and Engaging Events

Level5 Events employs a comprehensive Strategic Design process to uniquely pinpoint the purpose and goals behind each experience and uncover the motivations of your target audience segments.

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Reunited and It Feels So Good

As we evolve our event strategies with all the lessons we’ve learned, one thing’s for sure, engagement matters.

Level5 Events by The Expo Group hires Jessica Miller to add even deeper expertise in the higher education market.

Jessica Miller joins Level5 Events by The Expo Group as Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, to add even deeper expertise in the higher education market.


• Message Development​
• Engagement Consultation​
• Audience Journey Mapping


• Content Development
• Presentation Support
• Speech Coaching & Writing


• Production Management
• Virtual Events/Webcasting
• Experiential Design & Implementation

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