Events Are Content Generators

Events Are Content Generators

September 4th, 2014 0 Comments

By Dana Freker Doody

It’s a new event era, where content creates opportunities for marketers and meeting planners to craft experiences that endear customers and members while having their brand message blasted across social media.

An event may garner 5,000 people, but you could reach 5,000,000 when event content is generated and shared! 

Clearly the Event Marketing Summit event is driving shares online – because this blog post is based on a session I attended there presented by Josh Nafman, Senior Digital Brand Manager at Pepsi, and his agency partner Matt Statman, CEO and Creative Director of Motive.
They shared a few tips for Events as Content Generators, based on a case study of a special event created to promote Pepsi’s sponsorship of the Super Bowl Halftime Special.

The content generated from their event is here, where by clicking you will edge them closer to 1 million views, which doesn’t begin to count the mentions and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s so wide open what we can do in content,” Statman says. “Convergence of these two worlds is the next wave of experiential.”

Creative Director Statman drove a different look and feel for the content generated from the very beginning. My notes from the session, split to address tips for Creative and Logistical, may provide some insight to you:

Creative Filters
1. Create the story arc.
Characters, ups and downs, ability to identify with it. Storyboard your event ahead of time.
Pepsi delivery drivers became some of main characters.

2. Identify characters and bring them to life.
Have to be relatable.
Every great story has characters. You have to find them. 

3. Be organic and authentic.
Challenging because events must be structured, on timeline, etc. But need flexibility to create content so work on how to build flexibility into events. Client has to be/get more comfortable with that. 

4. Make the brand a facilitator of the story.
Not just a sponsor!

Logistical Filters
1. Align content and event production visions.
A LOT of challenges to work out between those types of people who must work together. Event producers now being challenged to be content generators. Competing with cat videos, with entire Internet so whatever you do must be awesome content people want to share.

2. Scout beyond the event.
Look at every location, envision scenarios and points to catch up with characters. 

3. Authentically integrate the brand/product, again as a facilitator.
Always remember it has to look good on camera. 

4. Remember the legalities.
Blurring logos, getting talent releases. 

So does your event drive shares online? How? Or why not?

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