Exhibit Frames The RETHINK Conversation

Exhibit Frames The RETHINK Conversation

January 7th, 2015 0 Comments

Watch Jason Miller help a client get out of his comfort zone and enjoy the rewards that come with change.  

Building off our achievements from last year’s campaign, The Expo Group  marketing plan at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! asked attendees like you to RETHINK Change at our booth.


We recognize that change can be scary but in order to grow, people need to get out of their comfort zones and, in turn, reap the rewards of change.  Small steps lead to bigger ones, and The Expo Group is here to help exhibition professionals on their path to improvement.

The Booth

By securing a corner location on one of the new diagonal cross aisles featured at our IAEE Expo!Expo!, we were able to create a unique space and capitalize on a fun 28 x 17 x 37 x 20 space.

To go with our unique space, we had to create a unique exhibit. Something that would garner attention from across the floor and engage visitors inside would enable us to show our capabilities and what separates us from our competitors.

Using two 16-foot-tall MatriX towers adorned with our logo and the RETHINK Change messaging, we captured attention from almost everywhere on the show floor.  The front tower positioned close to the diagonal aisle featured videos (including the one above) of tradeshow organizers in extreme situations (reverse bungee ride, indoor skydiving, eating chocolate ants) facing their fears alongside The Expo Group team. Both towers reinforced the Rewards that set The Expo Group apart from competitors:  Responsiveness, Client-centered Technology and Smart Creative.

Jaws dropping and eyes alighting was a side benefit of the main activity within the booth, the Challenge Wall. This living wall was actually a plant called Sedum, placed by hand at showsite. Incased on the living wall were four closed custom wooden boxes each offering attendees to challenge a different human sense: Look, Listen, Smell, Touch. In taking the guided interactive challenge, exhibition and event professionals earned trophies labeling them Adventure and Extreme. Brave souls accepting the ultimate Taste challenge received prize money and were featured on our hashtag #rethinkchange. 

•   Want to know what was in the boxes and earn your own trophy? Comment at the bottom of this post with “I Accept” and you’ll be contacted by one of us! 

•  Want to see who decided to RETHINK Change? Watch this quick video here.


Bringing the outdoors in with the living wall, and especially our rough-edged wood furniture all created from repurposed wood by the hands of our own Exhibit Project Manager George Shortino, really set the tone of exploration and aroused curiosity.

Applying these Smart Creative principles to our own exhibits and events is one way we can show how The Expo Group can help you make a memorable impact on your attendees, members and stakeholders. Our exhibit at IAEE’s Expo!Expo! framed the conversation we are having across the industry: how to RETHINK Change and be ready to adapt to the challenges facing tradeshows today.

When you RETHINK Change remember The Expo Group will be there to help face your fears every step of the way. 

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