At The Expo Group, personal connections fuel our vision. That’s why we want the best professionals in their fields who know what service means and are committed to helping people perform at a higher level. Did you know that we boast the longest average tenure in the industry? People enjoy working here because of the relationships they build between colleagues and the leadership philosophy of our ownership family.​​ ​



Service is at the heart of our business, and we are seeking people who know what it truly means to serve another. Many of our sales and service personnel travel and are face-to-face with clientele from around the world.  We are looking for leaders in:

Customer Account Management • Sales
Business Development • Project Management


Design thinking is imperative for our business, and we want creative personnel who understand how to empathize with audiences, provoke outstanding ideas and design with excellence. We are looking for leaders in:

Marketing • Business Development
Design • Graphics Production


A commitment to extreme internal service is vital for those seeking to be part of our Administration departments. These personnel form the backbone of our headquarters, working fluidly with teams spread across the country. We are looking for leaders in:

Administration • Financial Services
IT • Human Resources


Operational excellence is a hallmark of our company. We seek to operate with Discipline and Accountability in a Collaborative environment. Operations personnel across the country serve internal and external clientele. We are looking for leaders in:

All Operations • Exhibit Project Management
Project Design • Production

When you join The Expo Group family, you discover an additional meaning behind "We Invest, You Grow." We are servant leaders, continually investing our resources into the growth of our people and our platform. We want to make our teams, services and experiences the very best they can be.


Moving Forward Together: 10 Necessities for 2020

Producing an event or a trade show in the second half of 2020 will be hard work…but it is not impossible. Here is a framework of 10 ways you can think about bringing people together this year and beyond.

June 2020 Edition of The Exposure Podcast

This month on The Exposure Podcast, Dana and Todd visit with Dr. Shawn Bediako, a professor from the University of Maryland system, about the psychological factors involved in getting people ready to return to large events.

The Psychology of Coming Together

As event professionals grapple with bringing people together, it’s not just physical distancing and venue cleanliness that keep us up at night. When gatherings start, what will it take for attendees to show up in person?

Safely Face-to-Face: Putting Guidelines into Actuality

The Expo Group is ready to enact protocols recommended by our leading industry associations and will have a series of short seminars to help clients understand the impact on their individual trade shows and events.

June 2020 Celebrations

Employee Spotlight: June 2020

This month’s spotlight shines on our Regional VP Of Business Development Brien Zamperetti.

Return-to-Work Signage Helps Keep Employees Healthy

Signage in break rooms, common areas, restrooms and entryways will help workers remember the safety protocols put in place. Learn more about our solutions for temporary floor stickers and wall clings.

Advancement in the Southeast Region

We continue to advance the integration of the Orlando team and office since our acquisition of Allied earlier this year.

Celebrate Exhibitions Day on June 3

On a day traditionally spent walking from office to office on Capitol Hill, this year we will virtually spread the message about the importance of Exhibitions to our nation. In fact, organizations all over the world will take part in Global Exhibitions Day.

Employee Spotlight May 2020

For our May Employee Spotlight, we are highlighting Director, National Accounts Furrie Steelman.