Get Wired For Wonder

Get Wired For Wonder

February 1st, 2021 0 Comments

Where does your mind go when you’re not focused?  Are you constantly stressed… or worried?

Or do you try to find moments that bring you joy? Or even  just sit back.. and take in the awe?

Our brains are wired for wonder.  And that path to wonder and awe can benefit us in so many ways both mentally and physically. Awe experiences can actually move us from a transactional frame of mind to a transformational one. In other words, if you put awe moments into your events, you can help your participants feel more optimistic, more social and even more generous.

Learn about the transformational power of Awe by downloading Wired For Wonder, the new E-book available for free from The Expo Group.

And don’t miss our webinar this month featuring author and NeuroCognitive Fitness founder Dee O’Neill.

Learn more at and discover the transformational power of Awe.

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