HPs Glenda Brungardt Shares Award-Winning Perspective

HPs Glenda Brungardt Shares Award-Winning Perspective

May 28th, 2014 0 Comments

Nominations for the 3rd Annual Exhibit Marketer of the Year are now open and we recently spoke with inaugural winner, Glenda Brungardt, CTSM from Hewlett Packard, on her experience at the awards event and the importance of recognizing those who strive for excellence in their field. 

The Exposure: Did you enjoy the EMY Awards event?  Where is your award right now? 

Glenda:  Yes – very much enjoyed the awards event and wish more could be there to experience it.  My award is sitting on my bookcase in my living room. 

The Exposure: What qualities do you think an outstanding Exhibit Marketer should have and why?

Glenda: So many here – Coach and mentor, strategic yet logistical, know when to micro-manage and then step back and look at bigger picture.  But most importantly, let those on your team do their job.   You brought a team together, so let them be that – a team. 

The Exposure: Tell me why you think the EMY awards are important.    

Glenda:  There are so few ways to get widely recognized in our industry as an exhibitor and so to be recognized in the presence of others in the industry is an honor. 

The Exposure: What would you say to people who are reluctant to nominate someone for an EMY award?  

Glenda: This is one simple way to showcase the work and passion of a colleague.   Yes, it takes (some) time but so do the forms we fill out for every show and the orders we place.  It’s sad to think that we have become SO busy that recognition has fallen by the wayside. 

The Exposure: What projects are you currently working on? 

Glenda: Just finished our first half – I am looking forward to a slower summer so that I can get re-energized by attending seminars, conferences and taking some time off.  Then back to a busy fall trade show schedule. 

Glenda Brungardt is the Tradeshow/Event Manager for the Printing and Personal Systems Group for Hewlett Packard.
For more information on the Exhibit Marketer of the Year Award, click here.


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