Interview With SMOTY Winner – Peter Nathan

Interview With SMOTY Winner – Peter Nathan

September 17th, 2013 0 Comments

Just nominate! Do it today, because the deadline is this Friday.


  •  • Categories range from 2 booths to over 1,500.
  •  • Awards are open to anyone in the industry.
  •  • Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.
  •  • Winners will be honored at the T-Awards gala.
  •  • No cost to nominate.


Judges are looking for those who:

  •  • Overcome obstacles
  •  • Provide premier service
  •  • Innovate and experiment
  •  • Commit to success


So go tell us who’s AMAZING. Nominate online now.

Now as we grow ever so closer to the nomination deadline for The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year 2013 awards, we wanted to feature another classic interview from a SMOTY winner.  Today we hear from 2003 winner, Peter Nathan, former president of PWN Exhibicon International, who retired just last year.

How did your life change professionally after you won the SMOTY award? I have been in the event industry for so many years that there were no life-changing incidents. However, I was very pleased that my international efforts, especially in Cuba for which I received the SMOTY Award, were recognized.

Did you enjoy the SMOTY Awards event? Where is your award right now? I have attended several SMOTY Awards functions and have enjoyed them all. My award is on a shelf devoted to other awards and recognitions I have received.

What qualities do you think a good show manager should have? Why? Of utmost importance, a show manager needs to be entrepreneurial and flexible. Besides that, however, a show manager needs to be not only a team leader but also a team player. He/she must instill in their staff the same qualities in which the show manager believes and possesses. Obviously, they need to lead by example and provide opportunities for their staff and for each individual to take responsibility for their roles.

Tell me why you think the SMOTY awards are important. The SMOTY Awards are important because they give both the winners, and runners-up, a sense of achievement and accomplishment. It reaffirms that their role has made a difference, that it matters, and instills a marvelous pride. 

What would you say to people who are reluctant to nominate someone for a SMOTY award? I can’t imagine why anyone would be reluctant to nominate a show manager if they deserved the honor.

Peter W. Nathan, former President of PWN Exhibicon International, announced his retirement last November after  a career spanning 58 years in the exhibition and event industry.

Many of his innovations have become industry standards including: the use of floor managers at exhibitions; exhibit space drawings techniques; original “credit card” type lead retrieval systems; co-location of events, and creation of the exhibitor’s service manual.  His accomplishments also include the first U.S. exhibitions in the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba and Libya.

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