Involving Young Professionals

Involving Young Professionals

November 6th, 2013 0 Comments

Greg McCormack has a passion for getting young people involved in our industry. Recently nominated to be on the IAEE Midwest Board, Greg also wants to help people focus on moving their career in the right direction by speaking on a panel an educational session at Expo! Expo! next month. We sat down with our National Sales Manager and talked about his nomination, his passion for mentoring and the keys to being a success in the event industry.  The Exposure had a chance to visit with Greg about his upcoming session and his motivation on getting the next generation excited about our industry.

Greg, I heard that you were nominated to be on the IAEE Midwest Board.  Congratulations.  Any exciting plans for this chapter?
Greg: First of all, I’m deeply honored to be nominated for such an accomplished Board of Directors.   They have really done a phenomenal job bringing great educational content and networking opportunities to the Chapter.  I hope I can carry that mantle through my term on the board.   One major project that I hope to take on is the increased involvement in our young professionals and student programs within our area.   We are currently working on creating our first student chapter at DePaul University (in the Chicago metro area) and I’m hoping we can bring on a few more by Expo! Expo! 2014.

In 2011, you were IAEE’s Young Professional of the Year.   Why do you have such a passion on getting young people involved in our industry?
Greg: With the major changes that the industry has faced over the past several years, it is important for the YP’s to get involved and help steer the ship.   IAEE is currently experiencing the same question that every other association is facing, “How do I get my next generation of members / attendees involved?”.   Today’s young professional is tomorrow’s board member or president and it important to get them involved early and excited to be a part of something.
Why do you you feel it’s so important to pay attention to the YPs and take a mentoring stance with them?
There are two main reasons why you pay more attention to YP’s.   First would be the value to your organization.   YP’s understand today’s marketplace.   The understand the new ways to market to your clients or attendees and the different channels to get your message out there.   Whether it be through social media, experiential marketing, or new industry trends; YP’s tend to have their finger on the pulse.   It also gives you an opportunity to home grow you’re talent, which is always a plus.    The second main reason is that it’s the right thing to do.   We have all received some type of mentorship over the course of our career.   Whether it’s been strategy in the board room, advice on a new career path, or just a sounding board during a touch decision.   Working with the YP’s gives you the chance to leave your fingerprint on this industry that we all love for years to come.

I understand that you are going to be part of a panel speaking at IAEE’s Expo!Expo! about strategies for job advancement.   Can you give us a quick preview on your presentation?
Greg: This session is going to focus on how to move your career in the right directions.   It takes a “Alright I have the job, but where do I go from here….” approach to your career.   The panel will discuss the different strategies that we used to forward our careers and discuss ways that this generation can make themselves invaluable to their organizations future growth.

And finally, What qualities do you feel are important to have to be a success in the event industry?
Greg: I think it all comes down to service and creating a partnership.   If you’re a contractor you want to make sure that you take care of your client, go above and beyond to give them a top level product, and create a partnership that is based on respect for each parties success.   At the end of the day the main objective is to create a unique and memorable experience for the attendees and exhibitors so they feel compelled to attend and contribute to that event year after year.  

Greg McCormack is a National Sales Manager at The Expo Group. Greg’s session is on Tuesday, December 10 at Expo! Expo! in Houston at 1:15pm. He is on the panel with Stacey Correcha-Price, Mary Higham, Carrie Abernathy and Bob Dallmeyer.

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