Katie Herritage-Interview With A SMOTY Winner

Katie Herritage-Interview With A SMOTY Winner

September 14th, 2015 0 Comments

In 2014, Katie Herritage won The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Award in Tier 1. As an Event Manager for Amazon Web Services, she oversees over 100 events a year world wide including the AWS Public Sector Symposium.  We asked her to share her thoughts on the SMOTY awards and why she thinks people should “just do it!” when it comes to nominating a deserving show manager. Nominations for this year are accepted until Sept 30. 


Ray and Randy Pekowski from The Expo Group present a $500 check to the Wounded Warrior
Project on behalf of SMOTY winner Katie Herratige.

How did your life change professionally after you won the SMOTY award?

The most impact I have felt is that I have (made) a few new business connections.

Did you enjoy the SMOTY Awards event?

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the networking was top notch.

Where is your award right now?

Sitting on my desk in my office.

What qualities do you think a good show manager should have?

I think a good show manager should have a variety of shows in their portfolio and manage multiple events a year.


I have been responsible for well over 100 events a year for most of my career and I think this is a huge challenge. If a person can successfully manage multiple events, with a variety of requirements, all at the same time, they are a great show manager in my book.

What would you say to people who are reluctant to nominate someone for a SMOTY award?

Like Nike says, “Just do it!”  The nomination form does not take a lot of time, but its impact will endure.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am writing a book for planners on how to best manage special events while remaining fiscally responsible. It will be published this fall.

If people have questions about your company, how can they learn more?

Visit our webpage: http://aws.amazon.com/.

We encourage you to take Katie’s advice and “Just Do It!” Nominations are free to fill out and available here. 

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