Killing Your Live Event

Killing Your Live Event

July 2nd, 2018 0 Comments

by Ken Dec, EVP of Marketing and Client Strategies at The Expo Group


I’ve been speaking to lots of people who really feel as though they need to reinvent their live event but struggle with how best to go about it.

The idea that I’ve found most effective in guiding them is simple…

What competitive event would you build that would make yours obsolete?

What would you develop that would be so compelling that attendees or exhibitors or sponsors or all of them would flee your live event to go to the competitive one?

Here’s why brainstorming how to ‘kill’ your live event is the best approach to truly re-imagining it.

Too often the ‘frame’ of an approach to a problem inhibits meaningful reinvention.

If you are thinking about ‘reinvention’ you are very likely to start with a ‘traffic light’ kind of analysis of what you are doing – GREEN, keep doing that!; YELLOW- what should we monitor?; RED- we should stop doing that!

By approaching innovation this way, you are grounding your thought process in what you already do. NOT the way to get to real disruptive innovation. It’s an approach to take only if you are seeking incremental improvement.

And a ‘clean sheet’ approach isn’t quite right because it has no ‘frame’ at all.

But purposefully trying to create a competitive event that would make your own live event irrelevant would absolutely surface enhancement ideas that are truly new.

So if you want your live event to survive and thrive, try to kill it.

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