PCMA Session Jan. 11th – 1:30 PM:

PCMA Session Jan. 11th – 1:30 PM:

December 16th, 2021 0 Comments

Join us at PCMA in Las Vegas on January 11th at 1:30 for a must-see session:


Build the Event Team of the Future by Unlocking Cross-Functional Collaboration.



Nicole O’Leary, Vice President of Creative & Strategy at The Expo Group
Michael Guillory, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at The Expo Group
Jay Weintraub, CEO at Connectiv



As the Business Events Industry’s landscape continues to shift and change, successful events that will continue into the year ahead take more than the tried-and-true strategies and best practices. To design experiences and events today, event strategists are shifting not just their plans, but also their mindsets and teams. In this session, you’ll learn what team members across departments and organizations can bring to the table—along with ways to communicate and work together in a common language and under a united vision.

This session draws from content offered in the 7 Change Actions learning experience, which offers business events professionals a design-thinking framework, along with the insights, tools and exercises to apply learnings directly to create revenue- and loyalty-boosting events, meetings, and experiences. Learn more here.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the skillsets needed to create successful event planners and thriving event teams—even during uncertainty.
  • Integrate collaboration, creativity, and innovation to create more agile event plans.
  • Tap into ingenious thinking, strategizing in unexpected and hyper-fast-paced environments.
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