Put Yourself Out Of Business

Put Yourself Out Of Business

January 27th, 2014 0 Comments

Try to put yourself out of business. No, really, you should try.

PCMA opening keynote Lisa Bodell of futurethink is the author of Kill the Company and encouraged everyone to take thirty minutes to try and put themselves out of business.

If you were to start a show to lure away your own exhibitors and attendees, what would it look like? What would it be called? Where would it be?

If you wanted to build a new booth for an onsite exhibit experience, what kind of design would you go for? What activities would happen within?

If you blew up your entire event schedule, what would stay on the calendar and what wouldn’t be missed at all? Which events you produce or attend are vital?

Don’t do it all at once, let’s chew this elephant one bite at a time. Because there are always questions to be answered, and because innovation isn’t always a hurry-up-and-change adventure.

Be deliberate. Set aside a “Rethink Time” that works best for you. Calendar 30 minutes a day, or maybe a two-hour chunk per week. Just be sure to protect that time, the time you are going to spend putting yourself out of business; it will be worth it!

We are helping people RETHINK their shows, events, exhibits and experiences. How could we best help you do that?

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