Remembering John Cantu

Remembering John Cantu

September 5th, 2013 0 Comments

Our company family is grieving the loss of John Cantu, a Service Team Leader who began working in the Customer Account Management in 2004. John died Aug. 20.

John is remembered by colleagues as a family man first and foremost. He was focused and driven to excellence, pushing himself and his team to deliver the utmost in service in the most efficient way. John was also a creature of habit, loving his Chick-fil-A lunches and reading a paperback novel in the break room. His wit could take you by surprise but his smile was depended upon.

In seeking treatment for breathing trouble with his lungs a few years ago, it was discovered John had stomach cancer. He fought valiantly, as would be expected from this former boxer. He had his wife, Claudia, by his side as well as his twin sons, John and Ian, who are 9 years old. John was able to spend his last days at home, with visits from family and friends.

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