RETHINK Conference

RETHINK Conference

March 4th, 2014 0 Comments

Squeezed into a demanding 2014 production schedule, the week of Feb. 10 enabled all employees of The Expo Group to come together for education, inspiration and camaraderie.

The theme of the conference was RETHINK, and we were doing it in a big way.  Coming together each morning for breakfast and a short meeting to set the tone left afternoons open for face-to-face meetings and evenings free for fun. Since it is 2014, highlights of the week ended up on our Facebook page.

Just before our employee awards ceremony, we welcomed Velvet Chainsaw’s Jeff Hurt who many in the industry know as a king of RETHINKing. His engaging speaking style and probing questions were the ideal closing keynote for our work family. His discussion of shatterpoints was particularly impactful as we work with clients on their shows, events and exhibits holistically to recognize indicators of attendee and exhibitor needs as well as determine where attention must be applied to boost their brand messaging.

We know the experience starts before the event, and proved it on this path toward internal excellence that improves our innovation, agility and processes to build trust among clientele.

How can we help YOU to RETHINK?