ROI Does Not Happen By Accident

ROI Does Not Happen By Accident

June 4th, 2019 0 Comments

Receiving an ROI report is great. But preparing an ROI report, that is a different story.

It takes research, strategy and foresight at every level to maximize the return on exhibiting at events. When it comes to choosing an exhibit booth, knowing the desired outcome and overall strategy of your organization is essential to guarantee your booth investment produces positive ROI. Choosing an exhibit outside of the larger strategy of your company will deny your organization the hardest working ROI tool available to exhibitors, and can even drive your return backwards.

Why do visitors enter your booth?

Because your new product caught their eye? To shop? To hear a presentation? The design of an exhibit needs to encourage this behavior in order to draw in foot traffic.

Don’t hide that awesome new product at the back, behind a sea of booth staff.

If your staff members are great presenters, make them the focus of your space.

The exhibit you choose needs to compliment and emphasize the key elements of your overall strategy. If the wrong design is chosen, the exhibit itself becomes a barrier that potential visitors have to work around before seeing that trigger that will bring them in.

Is your exhibit an extension of your company? Or just a shell you inhabit?

 A 2018 CEIR Report noted that simply providing a positive encounter in your booth could lead to an attendee remembering the experience of an exhibit without remembering the company it belonged to. 1 Is anything more painful to hear than that?

There are many impactful branding strategies on the expo floor. However, your exhibit (the structure itself) is the marketing tool that does not rest. It is there from beginning to end. The look of your exhibit has an impact on potential visitors before they even cross the threshold; and the feel of your exhibit is the last sensation they have before they are on to the next one. Marketing strategies that do not include exhibit design overlook the widest reaching tool you have on the show floor.

Venue from Perspective Series

The Perspective Series was designed to match the most important goals exhibitors have: Lead Generation, Demonstration, Product Launch, Shopping, Networking, and providing an Oasis. However, we also know there is never one single goal in mind. Every exhibit can be customized with unique features to help achieve every aspect of your strategy and make you stand out in a crowd.

Even if your organization is still finalizing a strategy, start browsing at . Our designs are powerful enough to spark some inspiration, and our staff are ready to help.

1 Designed to Engage – How to Build Elements of Engagement into Booth Designs, CEIR 2018

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