SMOTY Winner Says Show Some Love

SMOTY Winner Says Show Some Love

August 5th, 2016 0 Comments

SMOTY Winners and good friends, Eric Z. Horn and Wayneston Harbeson. 

We recently asked Wayneston Harbeson from NATPE about being named one of The Expo Group’s Show Managers of the Year in 2015 and his thoughts on the event and the award.

Did you have good time at the TSNN/SMOTY Awards event in Atlanta?

I have a great time. It was great to reconnect with old peers and new peers and I have actually made some connections where I am using them for my show next year.

What qualities do you think a good show manager should have and why?

I think a good show manager should look at their vendors not as vendors but as an extension of your team. When I choose at a vendor I don’t look at “What can I get out of them for this show?” I look at “What is the relationship that I can have moving on?” Because I am only one person and I am going to need to trust my extended partners to execute my vision and my mission. I can’t remember everything so to have a partner that can say, “You know, last year we did this. Are we doing this again for this year?” “Exactly, yes. Thank you for reminding me.” It goes a long way. So I say look at your vendors as part of your team. Involve them in your organization. They want to help. That’s their whole job is to help you. And to also include them 365 instead of 100 days before the show.

What would you say to people who are reluctant to nominate someone for a SMOTY award? 

I would say do it. Why would you not want to recognize somebody who has had an effect on you, who you work with, who you might know in the industry? I want to share as much love as possible and I think nominating somebody for a SMOTY award is a great way to show love.

Show some love to a deserving show manager today.  Nominations are free, easy to fill out and open to any individual responsible for a trade or association exhibition/convention.

 But hurry! The deadline is September 8. Show some love here at:

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