SMOTY Winners Honored as Difference-Makers

SMOTY Winners Honored as Difference-Makers

November 7th, 2012 0 Comments

As part of a TSNN  T-Awards Celebrate Success weekend, The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Awards were presented to five executives making a difference in their show and all those involved in it.

“We all know there is that one person who really makes a difference,” said President and CEO Ray Pekowski during the awards ceremony. “That is why we started these awards, to honor these people.”

This 11th iteration of the SMOTY Awards kicked off the awards gala in the Louisville Marriott Ballroom in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  The winners were presented the iconic SMOTY crystal obelisk trophy and were honored with a donation to their favorite charity. Over the years, The Expo Group awards program has resulted in more than $70,000 being contributed to worthy causes.

The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year awards are judged be an independent panel. More information can be found here including nomination information for next year.

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