Stadium Signage Solutions

Stadium Signage Solutions

September 3rd, 2020 0 Comments

Officials at sporting venues around the world have been faced with difficult decisions during this COVID-19 pandemic and The Expo Group is here to offer assistance and an opportunity to make up for lost revenue.

From branded upper deck wraps to stadium “seat belts” and even brand-able urinal “blockers,” our graphics capabilities help you keep fans safe and create new opportunities for sponsors.

By developing a healthy environment and getting creative with sponsorships, a great experience can still be developed for the fans.  Download our free stadium/venue guide here and check out the many product examples available.


The Expo Group also offers temporary and permanent signage solutions including directional graphics, distancing reminders and educational posters, all designed to create a culture of safety at the event.

Contact us below and let us help create a positive and safe environment for everyone at your venue.

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