Stream Goes Extreme

Stream Goes Extreme

April 9th, 2013 0 Comments

The Expo Group Helps Corporate Client Wow Attendees

Inspiration sometimes occurs in the most unlikely of places. But other times it happens right where it should – in the Graphics Department at The Expo Group. When visiting headquarters, the team from Ignite Powered by Stream Energy was inspired by the samples and materials that could be used to communicate the company’s vision and opportunities to attendees of their annual conference, XStream Ignition.

Sharp angles, glowing materials, bright colors and sustainable products were all employed to deliberately position the company as a forward-thinking enterprise committed to growth. The XStream Ignition goal of exciting their attendees was achieved as neon green and black structures made unforgettable first impressions. All signage throughout the Dallas facility featured contour cuts in surprising shapes, signaling the start of something new and fresh for Stream Energy.

Case in point: the neon-green edge-light plexi used in corporate recognition areas and welcoming units was router cut to bring in the funky angle, with the very “green” material itself harnessed daylight reflections for vibrant glow rather than requiring electric power.

Another example:  Extra height on banners and signage not only improved wayfinding but added additional “oomph” to the Stream message onsite. With existing and reusable materials, The Expo Group crafted special banner stands enabling movement to again underscore fluid corporate growth.

By using everyday materials in a new way, The Expo Group team was able to produce an event that fascinated attendees while impressing the client.

“They wanted something contemporary yet eye catching that fit within their budget,” says Associate Project Manager Jeremiah Campbell. “We were able to capture their vision without going over budget.”

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