The Expo Group at PCMA Convening Leaders

The Expo Group at PCMA Convening Leaders

January 4th, 2018 0 Comments

Join The Expo Group at these educational sessions happening at PCMA Convening Leaders in Nashville this month! 


  • Media Studio: Podcast 101

    • 10:45am Monday
    • Convene Media Session
    • Media Studio, Level 3
      • Podcasts are exploding in number and popularity. Explore whether this media channel is right for your event and year-round engagement strategy, and how to pull it off.
  • Amplify Your Event Design by Taking Cues from City Planning

    • 8:30am Tuesday
    • Conference Session
    • Room 209ABC
      • If you’re looking for event design inspiration it’s time to broaden your scope to outside the industry. We’ll challenge you to build your next event through the lens of a city planner. Learn how strategies behind city planning can be applied throughout all aspects of your program, from engagement to networking.
  • Rock City Planning Tenets to Amp Up Trade Show Layouts

    • 2pm Tuesday
    • Future of F2F Session
    • Davidson Ballroom, Changing Strategies Theater
      • We are all experiential architects at a time when demands for experiences are rapidly evolving. Use your trade show layout to drive brand equity, incentivize specific behaviors and create a trade show environment that brings buyers and sellers together in compelling ways. Discover forward-thinking solutions learned from city planners that can be directly applied to your experience design.


  • New Expectations – Designing for Your Evolving Audiences

    • 1:30pm Monday
    • Davidson Ballroom, Changing Mindset Theater
      • Do you know how your event audience is changing and what their expectations will be? Four generations of participants create the need for a new mindset in designing meetings, events and trade shows. Join Nicole O’Leary, Creative Director with The Expo Group as she leads a fascinating and practical discussion on your future audience’s needs and how it will impact your strategy and planning.

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