The Expo Group Awards

The Expo Group Awards

January 30th, 2015 0 Comments

Congratulations to these winners of The Expo Group Awards for 2014!

Our recent companywide kickoff meeting allowed us the opportunity to celebrate the successes of these individuals over the past year. Congratulations! 

Integrity Award Winner – Kristin Fowler
(Randy Pekowski, Kristin Fowler, Ray Pekowski) 

Compassion Award Winner – Morgan Perry
(Dianne Bailey, Randy Pekowski, Morgan Perry, Ray Pekowski) 

Excellence Award Winner – Mary Caster
(Randy Pekowski, Mitch Gross accepting on Mary’s behalf, Ray Pekowski) 

ICE Award Winner – Amanda Michael
(Randy Pekowski, Dianne Bailey, Amanda Michael, Ray Pekowski) 

RETHINK Award Winners – Nicole O’Leary, Mike McDonald, Alan Sartain, George Shortino, Jason Ellenbecker
(Randy Pekowski,  Mike McDonald,Alan Sartain, Nicole O’Leary,  George Shortino, Jason Ellenbecker, Ray Pekowski) 


Higher Level Award Winner – Hollie Bayyouk
(Randy Pekowski, Hollie Bayyouk, Ray Pekowski) 

Connections Award Winner – Andrew Barry
(Randy Pekowski, Javier Dorado, Andrew Barry, Ray Pekowski) 

Globetrotter Award Winner – Al Herbold
(Randy Pekowski, April Hurley accepting on behalf of Al Herbold, Ray Pekowski) 

Rookie of the Year Award Winner – Chris Ann Coleman
(Randy Pekowski, April Hurley, Chris Ann Coleman, Ray Pekowski) 


Top Gun Winners –  Jason Miller and Aaron Deckert 
(Randy Pekowski, Jason Miller, Aaron Deckert, Ray Pekowski) 


Sales Growth Award Winner – Al Herbold
(Randy Pekowski, Millie Garcia accepting for Al Herbold, Ray Pekowski) 


COO Award Winners – Chilo Mancillas, Alfredo Hernandez, Javier Dorado, James Armstrong, and  Marilu Muniz
(Randy Pekowski,  Chilo Mancillas, Alfredo Hernandez, Javier Dorado, James Armstrong, Marilu Muniz and Ray Pekowski) 

CEO Award – Rainey Richards
(Randy Pekowski, Rainey Richards, Ray Pekowski) 


Remarkable People