The Importance of Recognition

The Importance of Recognition

July 22nd, 2019 0 Comments

2018 SMOTY Winners Liz Miller, Mark Bogdansky, Manolita Moore

Think back to a time when you were reminded how quickly your world can change. 

Maybe that means remembering a graduation. Or a wedding?  Maybe your world changed with the addition of a family member. The transformative impacts of change can take hold on our lives in the blink of an eye. 

We know the world changes constantly as it turns underneath us every single day, but we don’t always feel it and we don’t let that fact impact every decision we make. Nor should we. If we observed and acted on every change, every growth, every loss — progress would cease and the freedom to innovate would be overpowered. 

But… thinking again about that time you DID notice how much something can change in an instant. Was it powerful to realize the impact such brief moments have? How far reaching one life, even one act really can be? Sometimes the realization is daunting but sometimes it opens us up to a whole new set of possibilities.

Did you realize you can create that moment for someone else?

SMOTY Winners

2015 Honorees Eric Z Horn and Wayneston Harbeson

And more importantly, you can bring to them the realization of the impact their own life and actions have had on the world.  All it takes is recognizing a contribution they have made.

Look at the many inventions around your office and you will realize how easy it is for life-altering contributions to remain dedicated to the anonymous. Only but a few of the hardest workers and most creative innovators will be recognized on a scale that matches their contribution. For most of them that is ok. They are motivated by and focused on continuing to progress. 

If you know someone who has impacted the world around you, chances are they are unaware of just how far reaching their impact is. 

Create a moment for them, a moment that will aim their eyes to the world they have touched. Recognizing greatness is not about the trophy presentation. It’s about giving someone the chance and the gratitude needed to see something about themselves that will be life-changing.  

For almost two decades, The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Awards have provided a moment of recognition for committed event organizers. Awards are given out to dedicated individuals who, through creativity and innovation, achieve success and advancement for the organizations they serve. To perpetuate the impact of each award recipient, a cash donation is given to a charity of their choosing. 

Nominate someone for the 2019 SMOTY Awards HERE, and use this nomination as an opportunity to show them how impactful they are.  Awards are given to winners in four categories that cover the entire spectrum of show size. 

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