Top 5 Observations from Exhibitor Live 2018

Top 5 Observations from Exhibitor Live 2018

March 1st, 2018 0 Comments

by Ken Dec, EVP of Marketing & Client Strategies

Just back from Exhibitor Live in Las Vegas and here’s a few observations that I found most interesting.  Hopefully you do too! 

Going up!

Saw several interesting examples of how the experience, fit and finish of multi-level physical interaction has improved greatly.

I saw this in Exhibitor’s two-level VIP lounge and some amazing products from Highmark that included fold-out/fold-up, embedded hydraulics indoor and outdoor decks with luxurious finishes.

Gone are the clunky decks of yore.  Now if you want impact without adding floor space while still delivering a premium, VIP experience? Go up!

Look down!

There was also lots of flooring innovation at the show – from higher-resolution graphics to vastly improved composite decking to embedded video, interactive flooring and floor-based AR.

Flooring too often gets experientially ignored, and that’s a lost opportunity. No excuse not to think of your exhibit floor as only someplace for attendees and staff to stand. That’s valuable space!  Obviously, pick your spots. People do need somewhere to stand without ‘blocking’ what you might design but think about your floor as more than just a place to put a carpet.

Game On!

Gamification isn’t new in the exhibit space, but new technologies are helping it make new strides and we saw that at Exhibitor Live.

Advances in touchscreen technology, AR, VR and smaller devices that enable smaller gaming exhibit footprints, are all making gamification easier to deliver within your booth. Want to educate booth visitors with content that sticks?  Create energy and a fun vibe in your spot? Exhibit gamification could be the answer. Make sure it’s in your booth engagement arsenal!


Speaking of AR and VR. This trend isn’t unique to Exhibitor Live, we’re now seeing this everywhere. AR experiences seem to be ‘hotter’ than VR in real world applications in the event space.

That’s understandable. It’s an easier, initial way to invest in digital engagement experiences. And there is something to the mixing of ‘real-world’ physical environments and digital engagement that audiences of every generation find irresistible. That’s not to say there was any shortage of VR experiences at the show. And VR is THE way to ‘transport’ audiences to different worlds. But AR applications seem to be more prevalent. For now.

LED Innovation

From beMatrix’ LED skins to APG’s oversized LED wall, what’s possible using LED technology continues to advance in really interesting ways.

You can embed LEDs ‘into’ exhibit structure or go REALLY B-I-G and immerse visitors in an environment you create or one you can stream. A really interesting opportunity is to use this technology at scale to ‘transport’ booth visitors to another location with a live camera from elsewhere – that could be anything from a manufacturing floor, a store, a lab, anywhere!

That’s what caught my eye at Exhibitor Live. Let us know what you found the most interesting on any of our social platforms. 

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