Top 6 Design Trends from ExhibitorLIVE

Top 6 Design Trends from ExhibitorLIVE

March 6th, 2019 0 Comments

Even after 30-plus years, ExhibitorLIVE is a great place for our team to get inspired. Designer Audrey Liptak, along with several members of The Expo Group team, were off to Las Vegas last month for the event.  These top trends highlighted by the team can keep your event, exhibit or show in forward-thinking style.

For 2019, here are the Top 6 Design Trends from ExhibitorLIVE.


Number 6: Maple Wood and Silver Accents

A lighter color palette was “in” this year.  Many booths are revisiting a clean classic look, with a light maple wood texture and silver metal accents.

Number 5: Back-lit graphic ceilings

In lieu of a hanging sign, many booths utilized a high, back-lit ceiling with graphic overlays to draw people into their space.

Number 4: Slat wood or Pergola Structures

Reminiscent of that earlier trend of bringing the outside onto the show floor, many booths included a form of slatted wood accents in their architecture or used a pergola-style ceiling.

Number 3: Backlit or LED Walls

With technology making the cost even more accessible, many exhibitors utilized the back-lit wall or even large LED panels

Number 2: LED Banner

Along with back walls, we are seeing more standard banners being replaced with monitors or LED skins.

and Number 1: Curves!

Curved elements were everywhere this year. Even if it was a single corner or a desk done with a simple curve, exhibitors are loving the choice to break away from boxy booths.


Bonus Trend:  Bungee Cords

We are starting to see booths that used bungee cords instead of panels inside their frame to create an interesting texture and pop of color.  For example, this beMatrix exhibit is using neon green cords (their color!)  woven inside to add an extra something to their booth.


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