Experience design is the intersection of design, art and marketing – where the goal is Immersion – and Immersion takes place when audiences forget they are audiences at all.

Our approach to designing experiences that Attract, Engage, Immerse and Reward attendees keeps these 3 things in mind:


  • We think Audience Journey – always. The best-designed experiences are those that think about and architect the experience from the attendees’ point of view – recognizing their experience doesn’t start and finish onsite but begins from save-the-date to the post-event follow-up and beyond.


  • We make sure the design is Authentic, by ensuring it Thinks, Looks, Sounds and Performs like your brand – authenticity is crucial for connecting and converting audiences to your brand.


  • We design for three types of environments at once – the Physical Environment, the Emotional environment and the Learning environment – all three are needed for a successful experience.

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We can provide you with whatever exhibit configuration you need –

from a custom design to a range of rental configurations from our

Vantage Point collection.​


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