Transformation Versus Change

Transformation Versus Change

July 2nd, 2019 0 Comments

by Michael McCauley, Special Contributor to The Expo Group

The difference between change and transformation is a debate that has grown in importance as events and trade shows tackle new strategies to reach their audiences.

In our work at The Expo Group, we deal in the realm of experiential communications. Essentially, creating experiences that somehow change an audience, move them to action, expand their field of vision and more. Why is creating experiences so powerful, so transformational? Easy. It’s the difference between what you feel like when you read about driving a car vs. what you feel like when you actually drive a car. It was the experience of physically driving that very literally moved you. That is why experiential marketing is so effective. It has the power not merely change, but to transform.

I just read a wonderful example of the difference between change and transformation in David Brooks’ latest book, The Second Mountain. This is, in so many ways, about how Brooks’ life is transformed internally and externally by things that have happened to him in the last five or so years. In the book he talks of embracing his faith for once in his life.

He begins studying, reading great works of theology and philosophy. Then, one day it happens. He is riding the subway in New York after work. For years he would “notice” the hordes of sullen faces, utterly silent, emotionless, trudging home from work. But on this one particular day, he suddenly saw everyone on the train as a soul. Everyone with hopes and dreams and yearnings and struggles, joy, loneliness, and above all, a radiant inner light. He was transformed by this realization, and now views the world around him with an entirely transformed perspective. (Side note: It’s a very powerful passage and a tremendous book everyone should read.)

Right there is a riveting example of transformation. Putting on a pair of glasses changes how you see the world in front of you. A transformation in your brain, heart or soul forever alters what you see in the world.

When experiences are properly engineered, they can have a profound and transformational effect, which is why our team is so passionate about the work we do on a daily basis. We’re not in the expo business, or the experience business. We are in the business of transformation.

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