Webinar Replay – Capture, Keep and Catapult Every Audience Every Time

Webinar Replay – Capture, Keep and Catapult Every Audience Every Time

June 5th, 2018 0 Comments

Capture, Keep and Catapult Every Audience Every Time Webinar Replay  – 

How to keep your attendees alert, engaged, and emotionally connected in an age of chronic distraction.

Did you miss this webinar from The Expo Group last month?  – Register here and watch the replay instantly!

Be it a tradeshow, speech, event, presentation, the tools and techniques of this webinar will show you how to suck your attendees in, keep their focus and catapult them to places they’ve never been before.


We are facing a serious crisis in society today…a crisis of attention. Believe it or not, technology is only PART of the problem. Our mental lives seem splintered by external factors that rob us of focus and disrupt our ability to simply pay attention. By all accounts, the situation is getting worse, not better.

Impacts on our Customers:

When we are trying to reach and connect with customers, booth attendees and audience members at our live events, often times the things we put most emphasis on, are causing the distraction!

“Never Let Them Expect What To Expect”

Marshall McLuhan so famously coined this phrase (above) and what he meant was that the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, which actually influences the message itself.  If that sounds like a mouthful, think about it this way. A PowerPoint presentation is meant simply to AMPLIFY and MODIFY the message, yet we put SO MUCH emphasis on it, the tail wags the dog. Meaning, we have marvelously produced electronic graphics that no one cares about because we fail to create an emotional connection with the audience. Better put, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address with no PowerPoint and people are still talking about it.

What about your last speech?

The Webinar

This interactive webinar presented by Level5 EVP, Creative Michael McCauley will teach you tools, techniques and strategies to get your people focused and FAST. How to keep them engaged, so they never forget the message.

To watch this free webinar replay from The Expo Group click below.

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