Level5 Events By The Expo Group

Level5 Events By The Expo Group

Level5 Events By The Expo Group

Level5 Events By The Expo Group


More than just our name, Level5 Events by The Expo Group is a way of thinking about our clients and propelling them to greater levels of success. Innovation, imagination and creativity are the tools of our trade. We design strategic experiences and events to engage audiences in a whole new way.



Level5 Events helps forward thinking institutions craft their most inspiring stories and determine the best way to share those stories with their donors, alumni, faculty, students, staff and the local and global communities they impact.


Using the latest storytelling techniques, theatricality and technology, Level5 Events designs experiential programs that connect emotionally, deepen engagement and inspire actions.


From design through delivery, Level5 Events partners with schools to ensure coordination of every aspect of the project including audio/visual and media production.

“I really enjoy partnering with you on these events, and I feel like this one took us to the next level.”

“This is absolutely one of the most amazing productions I have ever seen for a university. Wow.”

“It was such a pleasure working with you guys.  We could have never pulled this off without you – and I wouldn’t even want to try!”

“From the beginning, you worked tirelessly and creatively to ensure that we met the deadline and fulfilled those expectations.  The response has been phenomenal.”

“Can’t begin to thank you all for making it HAPPEN!!!! Seriously cool. Seriously exhausted.
Sooooo stoked and happy. So was everyone else.
Thank YOU does NOT begin to capture it, but it’ll have to do. No words!!!!!  Wow!!!”

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that people will be talking about this campaign launch program for years to come. The Provost said that it was like someone finally captured the Illinois identity and story.”

“From the initial conversation all the way through the actual kickoff, our experience with Level5 was level 6! When we say Go Gators, Go Greater, Level5 helped us Go Greater. We owe you and your entire team a debt of gratitude and appreciation.”

“You not only set the standard for campaign launches, but you changed the entire perspective on what an event should look like and how to capture storytelling in everything we do. Congratulations on a job excellently done!”

Level5 Events understands the challenges facing institutions of higher education in areas of fundraising, engagement and support:

  • Capital Campaign Launches and Concluding Events
  • Global and Regional Road Shows
  • Presidential Inaugurations
  • Alumni & Reunion Programming
  • High-Level Donor Events
  • Permanent Exhibits and Installations