Offering an unsurpassed level of service, The Expo Group team creates an aura of calm in the midst of exhibit marketing insanity. Let our talented staff help you manage your booth, coordinate your shipping and storage, secure your AV and even analyze your exhibit traffic allowing you to rest easier and focus on your sales and marketing goals.​​

Nationwide expertise, worldwide partners, a fleet of trucks and crews ready to help install and dismantle your exhibit, plus great rates available on storage can all be yours.


Record of Successes

We’ve successfully managed national exhibit programs for brands that include Southwest Airlines, Newell, Stanley Black and Decker, Oster and many more.

Our proven approach to successfully managing these programs includes:

  1. Portfolio Planning so your program is managed not just one show at-a-time, but like the interconnected plan it is
  2. Objective setting across the portfolio and by show to optimize effectiveness
  3. Audience segmentation planning so different attendees at different shows are delivered optimal, relevant messaging
  4. Leveraging existing content to make your dollars stretch
  5. Ensuring build/rent/hybrid decisions are timely made
  6. Ordering on time so you don’t miss discount deadlines
  7. Building show configurations
  8. Retiring unused exhibits before they cost you storage dollars
  9. Strategic shipping decisions mapped out
  10. Avoiding surprises by allocating dollars for exhibit maintenance

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