Client-Centered Technology

Technology created to support our clients’ current needs and their future objectives is a hallmark of the value-added tools offered by The Expo Group.

“People are busy, and technology should make life easier, not harder,” says VP of Business Process and Development Corey Kelley. “Solutions created from within our four walls are designed specifically to the exhibitions and events audiences and supported by our team.”

Client-centered technology available to clients includes a sponsorship sales tool, a cloud-based graphics review and approval app, a Salesforce trade show management app and a dashboard-based system granting organizers access to the health of their show planning process.

YourSpace 2.0

YourSpace 2.0 is an upgraded sponsorship sales tool that allows planners to simultaneously promote their physical onsite promotional opportunities with facility mapping as well as intangible sponsorships such as meals and mobile-app banners. Card design lends this cloud-based application easy navigation and shareable functionality.



ExpoProof grants clients the ability to review and approve graphics online with simple sharing and commenting functionality. Viewing proofs side by side and sharing proofs with other stakeholders to request and collate feedback are two of the most beloved features in this tool.  Check out more in this video here. 


Trade Show Management App for Salesforce®

The Expo Group’s Trade Show Management Application for Salesforce® provides easy access to event analytics and creates an overall view of progress year to date. Developed internally to assist clients in managing event orders, shipping needs, budgets, invoices, calendars and even travel, the app aids marketing professionals improve return on investment as they continue the push to harness data and expenses.



ExpoCube ties together all this client-centered technology with a robust enterprise operating system used by our web of offices and warehouse employees alike. ExpoCube creates business intelligence opportunities based on actionable data. Opening up this type of data puts power in the hands of a show organizer with show memory and supplier interface functionality. Data on exhibitor ordering is true and complete thanks to The Expo Group’s Single Source Solution offering all show services through a single point of contact.

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